Monday, 20 March 2017

A perfect day in Kodaikanal

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I’ve lived in Kodaikanal for 11 years and something I’ve learned in all that time. This is one famous hill station place to visit for adventure travelers.

I recently had the honor of writing blog on News times about the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu through the eyes of a adventure travelers and hill station tourist and dig up treasures I never expected the great start of my work.

Here’s the Nature wild life and adventure for a perfect day in one of the world’s most famous hill station in Tamil Nadu

Morning breeze of Kodaikanal:

Start your day with beautiful morning breeze which is located on the tallest hill station in center of the Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu. Here’s you have world’s tasty breakfast followed by the fresh coffee with panacakes. These are the two best combination to enjoyed at the busy counter or outside at a kodaikanal picnic table.        

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Nature tourism Pollachi

My First time in Kodaikanal

My First Time in Kodaikanal!! Yes, I know it’s a very clichéd way to start, but isn’t what they say ‘all good things are clichéd’, like the cold rain showers in scorching heat May? Well something like that was My First Trip to Kodaikanal.

I am always eager to travel to new places, and it’s absolutely ok even if the place is off the map, in some quaint rubble from the past. I believe every place has its own rustic flavour, if not charm. So, when my two buddies declared its time for some impromptu planning and badass driving to a hill station, I vouched for Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal is approx. 6 hours’ drive from Coimbatore, our start point. On the way, we three were stopped at a checkpoint by officials (random checking they say) for drunk driving. We had some fun in there but let me not get into the facts. So, as we drove up the hill, I realised two things; one the weather was just right, calm and in accord, and how I needed this break after working my mind off for 18 hours a day; and two, we weren’t alone. This place was super crowded (being the peak season and all).

On reaching the Hill Station first we planned to stay inkodaikanal and also we planned to make trekkingin topslip place also, around kodaikanal here there are lot of the sightseeing places are there see and especially here we must need to visit suicide point at the edge of the kodaikanal hill Station , followed by the supposedly restricted Berijam Lake, which is a 1 hour tour. Found some breath taking ‘view points’ in this reserve forest, namely Silent Valley. The guided tour was very refreshing and informative. The following day we visited the Bear Shola falls, Moir Point, Guna Caves and Pillar Rocks. And on the third day it was our Pambar Falls Lake Trek, also known as Grand cascade, spread over 1 km area. There’s also a charming forest next to the falls where you can hang around. We completed our day 3 with another hiking expedition, Vattakanal Trek that ends at the edge of the hill, paving way to spectacular views of the valleys of Vattakanal.
Although, like others we did not tick-off the usual boat rides and botanical garden in our agenda, we did try and bring out the adventurous sides in us and also found some guy-time for ourselves. All in all, my first experience with Kodaikanal was vibrant, tad bit crowded but nevertheless, ‘quite enthralling’. To top it all, if you have the best of companies, even the clichéd looks tempting… don’t you think?

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This article is written by Sanyuktha for Nature tourism Pollachi, a site for tourism and travel hill station visit at Tamil Nadu India She previously worked as a features blog writer. 

Nature Tourism Pollachi

Yes of course definitely nowadays city and computer life are getting so bored, just because of losing happiness in this so called society of city population and noisy. Because always I wake up early and go to work by 9.30AM and come back at 06:00PM. The city life is very boring.

Most of the times I always used to spend my precious time with watching TV, shopping Mall, playing video games and laptops only. Not even speak with my family members and friends also, always spending my time with gadgets, sometimes read any of the interesting story and sleep earlier. I just try to find them it was very disturbing.        

I am just find out what things should I do to make my life interesting, but things that are easy to get boring. Finally I find out travelling to hill station are the real happiness and interesting to speak with nature. I met some of the people are simply sitting in same place and speak in odd dark room. What the hell is that?

May be for those kind of people No of designer wants to creative an artificial nature to speak with them.

So finally I’ve planned be happiness always because we all have different ideas about what it is and how to get.  At last I wanted to be a Natural lover so I thought it would be interesting to find some ways to become a happier and natural hill station lover, so naturally we are controlled by the nature. So I look for a way to do things myself fortunately I’ve brave adventure and I’ve been exploring my happiness thorough the hill station and now decided to share my hill station adventure experiences and knowledge through this blog. Finally I stepped through out the door and travelling to nearest hill station Valparai and topslip. Here it is very cooling at the mid night of traveling around 11:00 PM. Thank god my teeth and claws full sealed with nature of god creation.

So after that I’ve reaching the hill station of Valparai first thing I’ve planned to stay in valparai for at least 2 to 3 days and after that I’d planned to make trekking in valparai because I always love to make interesting and adventure things to recall my memories, I always believe hill station is god’s own place to see everywhere in look of fresh early morning nature valparai and topslip is the best tourist destination in Tamil Nadu for get peaceful and enjoying your holiday spots. It is the land of coffee plantation and tea plantation is surrounded by the evergreen forest and I was mostly enjoyed monkey falls, Aliyar dam and grass covered hills at way of reaching valparai. So definitely my next tourist spot to visit here only after 3 months no doubt and surely try to stay in topslip for at least 3 days. Why are still waiting ?? It is without doubt one of the most incredible places on the earth from the stunning sightseeing places in valparai.  Valparai’s scenery and the view points of the interests are most beautiful and sweet memories of your life. If you have craved to stay in topslip it is also near by valparai. Still why are you waiting just find out Nature tourism to get one of the most luxurious resorts in topslip and pollachi.

Author Bio
This article is written by S S Pradeep for Nature tourism Pollachi, a site for tourism and travel hill station visit at Tamil Nadu India. He previously worked as a features blog writer for The Weekend post of Business travel and tourism day Tamil Nadu