Monday, 20 March 2017

A perfect day in Kodaikanal

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I’ve lived in Kodaikanal for 11 years and something I’ve learned in all that time. This is one famous hill station place to visit for adventure travelers.

I recently had the honor of writing blog on News times about the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu through the eyes of a adventure travelers and hill station tourist and dig up treasures I never expected the great start of my work.

Here’s the Nature wild life and adventure for a perfect day in one of the world’s most famous hill station in Tamil Nadu

Morning breeze of Kodaikanal:

Start your day with beautiful morning breeze which is located on the tallest hill station in center of the Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu. Here’s you have world’s tasty breakfast followed by the fresh coffee with panacakes. These are the two best combination to enjoyed at the busy counter or outside at a kodaikanal picnic table.        

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S S Pradeep
Freelance Content Writer